Who I AM

  • 1Graduated Oral Roberts University in 1994.Undergraduate degree in Business Administration.
  • 2Graduated University of Oklahoma College of Law in 1997.
  • 3Passed the Oklahoma Bar Exam in 1997.

A Few Words About MeDedicated to your cause

If you have been charged with a crime, call me. I handle every type of felony and misdemeanor.
I have handled all manner of criminal cases. I represent clients charged with the most serious crimes, such as Murder, Rape and Robbery.
I work on White Collar offenses, such as Embezzlement, Bogus Checks and Forgery.
I handle Drug and DUI cases, such Possession of CDS, Distribution, Trafficking and DUI/APC/DWI.
I work on Sex crimes and Crimes of Violence, including Assault and Battery or Domestic Abuse.
Lastly, I handle misdemeanors of every type and variety.
Most often, clients are unsure of what to expect when criminal charges occur in their life, either for themselves or for a loved one/family member. I provide assurance in an uncertain time.
I am here for my clients, from the first step (arrest or arraignment) through disposition (trial, hearing or plea). I have more than 19 years of experience, practicing exclusively in Criminal Defense. My litigation experience includes more than 50 jury trials, with the majority being Sex crimes, Murder or Death Penalty cases.
It is that very experience that I use to guide my clients through the process and to a successful result. I practice throughout the State, in various City and Municipal courts and in Federal Court.

I have spent many years developing techniques and methods to work with you and draw out all the relevant facts to the case. Together we will develop the best possible plan for your case and work together to achieve your maximum satisfaction