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  • Drug Crimes
    Drug Crimes

    I will defend you if you have been charged with: Drugs; Trafficking; Possession; CDS charges; or a probation violation. Depending on the jurisdiction in Oklahoma, these terms vary. Most often, clients ...

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  • Homicide, Sex Crimes, Or Domestic Charges
    Homicide, Sex Crimes, Or Domestic Charges

    Homicide, Sex Crimes and Family conflicts (Domestic charges) are some of the most difficult cases to handle when it comes to criminal defense. Fortunately, I have over 20 years worth of experience ...

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  • Automobile Injury
    Automobile Injury

    Car and automobile accidents and injuries hurt more than just physically. Emotional disruptions happen as well, especially when insurance companies actively attempt to prevent you and your family from ...

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  • Your Right To Remain Silent
    Your Right To Remain Silent

    What happens if I’m charged with a crime? Remember your right to remain silent! The single biggest issue when defending a client is overcoming what they have said to others. This typically involves ...

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